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I’m a RITA award-winning editor!

It’s been ages since I updated this blog! I guess I’ve been very busy working. 😉 But I’m proud to announce some very good news on the editing front.

The Romance Writers of America has an annual contest, the RITA©, for published authors of romance fiction. One of my Carina Press authors, Anna Richland, won the RITA© for her beautiful romance novella HIS ROAD HOME. And another Carina Press author of mine, Lynda Aicher, was nominated for the RITA© for her compelling erotic romance BONDS OF DENIAL. Yay!

It’s been a great editing year for me, and I’m beyond thrilled.

If you’re seeking an editor who understands the importance of preserving your unique voice, but can help you make your manuscript as strong as it can be, please be sure to drop me a line anytime. Let’s talk!

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