I’ve worked on a variety of projects; here are some client testimonials:

“A gifted editor is someone who can hold on to the big picture–plot, character arc, voice–while maintaining a laser focus on the granular. Rhonda Helms is that editor. Her vision and attention were exactly what I needed to pull the final draft of my young adult novel together.” ~ Suzy Vitello Soule

“With Rhonda’s keen eye and efficient edits, I was able to submit my first novella with confidence. Her skill is unmatched and I’m fortunate enough to continue working with her on the remainder of my series. Without Rhonda’s critique, at an affordable price no less, I don’t believe my first novella would have been met with such success. Thanks to Rhonda, I can say my debut novella is under contract, and I will never be able to thank her enough for her support, skill, and assistance during the editing process.” ~ Cora Cade

“I’m seeing RED and I like it! Rhonda’s experience is apparent, whether you need line edits, content critiquing, or both. I got the works and I couldn’t be more happy with the results. I’m amazed at how detailed and insightful she was at such an affordable price. Although it would have been nice not to have needed her, I’m glad Rhonda was there to help. I plan to write for the rest of my life, and everything I write will go through Rhonda’s edits.” ~ Randall S. Sexton, Ph.D.

“You are the most delightfully thorough editor I’ve ever had. Thanks for that. Feel much more confident releasing this.” ~ Alice Anderson

“I am so grateful to have found Rhonda! She is incredibly thorough and has a remarkable ability to unobtrusively make your manuscript better – I can only imagine how hard it must be to jump right into another writer’s style, but Rhonda does it with ease, correcting grammar errors and word usage while maintaining the original author’s voice. Her comments are very insightful and you can tell she is rooting for your book as she goes along. I highly recommend her!” ~ Cory Oakes

“Rhonda is a gifted editor who will help you trim the fat, tighten up the pacing, and sharpen the dialog in your manuscript. With a keen eye and a steady red pencil, she’s a brilliant ally to have in your corner to help polish your diamond in the rough. You can’t go wrong with Rhonda!” ~ NYT bestselling author Jessica Verday

“Rhonda, I wanted to send out a huge thank you for the crit you did on my 1st three chapters of The Fairy Godmother Files. I used your suggestions to really clean up some of the scenes, bulk scenes, and fix some loose ends. I landed an agent at the beginning of May and signed with her last week. So I just wanted to thank you SO SO SO much for all your help.” ~ Rebekah L Purdy

“I trusted the first story I’d ever written to editor Rhonda. I wanted a bit of feedback on how a real editor would view my work. The price was very affordable, and I was amazed at all that she did–editing for errors (punctuation and grammar), asking questions in the margins to help with plotting, and being available for brainstorming. I have been telling every one of my romance-writing friends about the gem I stumbled upon. It’s nice to have someone experienced available to look over our unpublished works. Thanks, Rhonda.” ~ Leela Louise

“Rhonda is a professional in every respect. She provides thorough, exacting work while ensuring your work keeps its voice. She takes time looking at every page, at every sentence and every word. And it’s not just line editing—her suggestions helped my product broad in new ways. Hire her now.” ~Jason Tudor

“Rhonda was professional, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. I contacted her with an inquiry and she was able to review and finish my manuscript in record time. The revisions were clear and concise and exactly what I needed. She helped me get my work ready for prime time and I’d use her services again in a heartbeat.” ~ Jeannie Lin

“Rhonda helped me polish my book when I needed it most. I’d rewritten Love Handles three times, had the first chapters critiqued almost to death, and was unable to look at it myself with fresh eyes. In addition to editing for punctuation and prose, Rhonda put up a few red flags at key scenes showing characterization problems that I’d missed. I’m positive Love Handles is a better book because of her very affordable services. Oh, and she’s charming and fun to work with.” ~ Gretchen Galway

“My novel was greatly improved by Rhonda’s keen and honest eye yet she retained the book’s voice and character. She also strengthened character relationships and clarified some sticky plot points, all with professional presentation and excellent pricing. Her experience is evident in her work, and I’ve already contracted her to edit my next book.” ~ Bev Pettersen National Readers Choice Award Finalist

“Rhonda is fast, incredibly bright, and easy to work with. She provided me an invaluable service in the time frame she promised with spot-on proofing and razor-sharp skills in regards to language, vocabulary, and sense of story. She didn’t miss a thing. All this and a sense of humor. Heaven!” ~Jennifer Grais